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[edit] Where in Project.net

Projects > Workplan > (Select Task) > Properties

[edit] View Task Properties

Tasks already created are listed on choosing the Workplan option in the top menu bar.

View TAsk Properties
View TAsk Properties

[edit] To View Properties of a Task

1. Go to the PROJECTS tab

2. Click on the name of the project

3. Click [Workplan] in the Project submenu

4. Highlight the task that the properties of which are to be viewed and click on the [View Properties] option under Toolbox. The VIEW TASK page of the selected task is now open with the tabs on Status, Resources, Dependencies, Advanced, History and Blogs.

5. Click on the [Edit] option under Toolbox in the VIEW TASK page open the MODIFY TASK page and make modifications to the task if any.

[edit] Available Tabs in the View Task page

The different tabs that are available in the View Task page can be as follows:

  • Status
  • Resources
  • Dependencies
  • Advanced
  • History
  • Blogs

[edit] Information in the Status Tab

Status is the first tab in the View task page and it includes details on the status of the task selected. Details in this tab include information on;

1. Phase

2. Subtask of

3. Baseline Start Date

4. Basline Finish Date

5. Baseline Work

6. Baseline Duration

7. Start Variance

8. Finish Variance

9. Work Variance

10. Duration Variance

[edit] Information in the Resources Tab

Resources tab information include details on the list of all the resources available in the project with due information on the percentage of work assigned and completed for all these tasks in the Project. The different columns that are available in this tab are;

1. Name of the Assignor

2. Persons(Assigned)

3. % Assigned

4. Work (hours/days/weeks)

5. Work Complete

6. Max Assignments during Task

7. Utilization Summary

8. Owner

9. Role

[edit] Information in the Dependencies tab

The dependencies tab on the View Task page consists of two channels that contain information on the following:

Tasks that depend on the current task

The list of the tasks that depend on the current task are listed under this channel.

Tasks that the current task depends on

All the list of tasks that the current task depends on is displayed under this channel.

[edit] Information in the Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab on the View tasks page displays details on the Constraints for the tasks with the Constraint Type and Constraint Date. Comments if any that relate to the constraint are also displayed under this channel. Links that are added to the current task are displayed under the Links channel in this tab.

[edit] Information in the History tab

The history on the different versions of the current task are displayed under History tab in the View task page. These are segregated to the Version history before the creation of a baseline and versions after the creation of a baseline.

[edit] Information in the Blogs tab

All blogs that are created for the current task are displayed under this tab in the View Task page. New blog entries can also be created by clicking on the [Blogit] option under Toolbox in this page.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a personal blog entry on Project Task Properties View.
  • Edit Task - Selecting this allows the user to modify details to a task already created.

[edit] View Task Properties Menu

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