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[edit] Where in Project.net

Projects > Dashboard

[edit] Project Dashboard Overview

The Project Dashboard is the home page for a project, providing a quick summary of important information about the project. It shows an overview of the scheduling, resources, processes, meetings and updates for the project. From here you can navigate to the specific project areas.

In the upper left corner you can see the project's description, the name of the project manager and the overall status of the project. Below this is the Toolbox of dashboard actions and links to a few areas.

Project Dashboard
Project Dashboard

The middle of the page is focused on the project schedule, starting with a graphical overview of the number of completed, late and unassigned tasks. The central column also contains a summary of the project schedule, followed by any upcoming phases, milestones and meetings, as well as, the status of any subprojects. Clicking any item in this area will bring up more information about that item.

The right of the dashboard is dedicated to project activity. It begins with the latest project news and announcements followed by a list of active and invited project team members. Icons in this area show whether a person is logged into the system, how many tasks are assigned to him or her and when this team member last made a blog post. The column finishes with a summary of key items that have changed have over the last five days.

[edit] Task Completion

The Task Completion channel lists the different reports on the charts. These reports include,

  • Late Tasks
  • Tasks Due this week
  • Tasks Completed
  • Unassigned Tasks

The status of the above listed reports are identified by unique colors and the graph representing the number of tasks.

[edit] Project Completion

The selected Projects completion details which include Planned Start and Finish dates, Actual start and finish dates with the completion percent and the overall, financial, schedule and resource status of the project are displayed under this channel on Project Completion.

[edit] Phases and Milestones

This channel on Phases and Milestones lists all the phases and the milestones that have been created for the selected Project. Details on these phases include the Phase name, Start and End date, and the progress bar indicating the status of each phase in the list.

[edit] Subprojects

The subprojects channel contains the list of all the subprojects that have been created under the selected Project.

[edit] Upcoming Meetings

All upcoming meetings scheduled for the user that relates to the selected Project is listed under this channel on Upcoming meetings.

[edit] Project News

Project News that have been created that are specific to the selected Project is listed under the Project News channel in the Project Dashboard page.

[edit] Project Team

The Project Team area lists the active and invited project team members. Active team members have accepted an invitation to join this project. Names shown in italic font have been invited to this project but have not yet registered or created a Project.net account. Anyone shown in this list is allowed to access this Project, depending upon the security settings for the project.

[edit] Skype Indicator

Each team member's line contains quite a bit of information. The first item on each line is the person's Skype indicator, showing whether they are logged into Skype calling and instant messaging service. To learn more read the Skype Integration page.

  • Project members without an icon have not added their Skype ID to their Project.net Personal Profile.
  • To initiate a Skype IM chat with someone click on his or her green Skype icon.
  • Project members with a gray icon are not signed into to Skype or have not configured Skype to share their status with Project.net.

Note: If your Project.net administrator has turned off the Skype feature, then the Skype icon will not be shown for any team member.

[edit] Display Name

This list contains the name of the users who are members of the Project. Clicking on the linked name in this list opens to the blog contents of the selected team member.

[edit] Number of assigned tasks for this project

This is the second column in the Team Members list that displays the number of tasks that are assigned to the member.

[edit] Resource Calendar

This is the calendar icon that is found against each Team member in the list. Clicking on this icon displays the resource calendar with the tasks that have been assigned to the corresponding team member in the list.

[edit] Last Blog-It Post for this project

The date and time of the last blogit by the corresponding user is displayed against the user name under the column on Last Blogit.

[edit] To View Resource Allocation

  1. Go to the Projects tab
  2. Click on the name of the project
  3. Click the calendar icon to the right of the resource you want to view

That resource’s allocation is now displayed in a pop-up window.

[edit] Changes Within 5 Days

All changes on Blogs, wiki, Forms, documents and Discussions that occurred within the last 5 days are listed under this channel on "Changes within 5 days".

All these above channels can be minimized or closed by clicking on the respective icons in the channel bar.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blog-it - Selecting this allows the user to create a blog entry on Project summary.
  • Edit Project - Selecting this allows the user to make the required modifications in an already created project.
  • View Properties - Select this option to view the properties of an existing project.
  • Personalize Page - Choose this option to open the Channel Manager page to define the channels for the selected Project dashboard.
  • Subprojects - Selecting this option opens to the subprojects page to allow the user to create a new sub project for the selected project.
  • Reports - Selecting this option opens to the Report list page with the list of all the available reports.
  • News - Choose this option to open the News page with the list of the News that are related to the selected project.

[edit] Project Dashboard Menu

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