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[edit] Where in Project.net


[edit] Project Listing page

The PROJECT LISTING page is where you can view all the projects you are a part of and see an overview status and budgeting information for the entire portfolio; you can also utilize the toolbox to create, edit, and delete projects, blog about a project, and personalize the way the page is viewed.

This page is classified into three main sections which consists of the following:

1. Portfolio Status

This section consists of a bar representation of all the Projects that are listed in this Projects Workspace with regard to the completion date of each of these projects. The bars represented in this section are normally classified into quarters of q1, q2, q3 etc. 2. Portfolio Budget

The portfolio Budget section consists of charts that are produced for the portfolios of the different projects with the different currencies. This is generated based on the entries that are provided in the fields on Budgeted Total cost, Current Estimated Total Cost and Actual Cost to Date in the Financial tab section on the project details page.

3. View

Project List Page
Project List Page

This section lists all the projects that are available in the Project Portfolio with the different columns on Start date, End date, Status etc as defined in the view that is required to be displayed. If there are no views that have been created, then the default tree view is displayed with the list of the Projects and their respective columns. Projects that are subprojects of already existing projects are displayed in such a way to depict the tree view of the projects.

An illustration of a tree view of the projects are available in the image that is displayed here.

The current view of the list of the projects is now available in a two pane structure. While the left pane lists all the projects with their details, the right pane contains the tabs on Blog, Wiki and Details. On selecting any particular project on the left pane blog entries, wiki or details pertaining to the project selected will be displayed in the right pane.

This view of the project list can be altered by clicking on sliding bar to open and close the two pane view.

The different options that are available under Views include:

Save Current Settings

Once a view is created using the filters option available under the Project list channel, the view can be saved by providing the following particulars:

View Name : Name of the View

Check box on the option to make this view as a Shared View.

To set a view as a Shared view

1. Select the Filters dropdown.

2. Choose the different filters required for the current view.

3. click on the "Apply"button.

4. The view on the current filters can now be saved by selecting the option "Save Current Settings".

5. A pop up window "Save Current Settings as a View" is now displayed.

6. The options within this pop up include:

Shared View Window
Shared View Window
Field Options Description
View Name Name of the currently saved view
Mark this as a Shared View Checkbox against this option to mark this view as a Shared View.
Owning Business From the list of businesses, select the businesses to which this view must be displayed as a Shared View
Visible to Select the "All users" checkbox if the use must be visible to all users of the business selected
Make Default View
  • On My Project Portfolio - To make the current view the default view on the users Project Portfolio
  • On My Personal Dashboard - To make the current view the default view on the users Personal Dashboard.
Submit To submit the selections in the popup window
Cancel To cancel the selections in the popup window

Delete Saved View

The view based on which the projects are to be displayed is selected from the drop down field options under "Your Portfolio views". Once the project list based on the view selected is displayed, the option on Delete Saved View under Views is enabled. Click on this option to delete the currently selected view. Confirm deletion to delete the view. It is to be noted here that the Default View can however not be deleted.

Export to PDF

Choose this option to export the currently selected project list view to a PDF.

Export to Excel

Choose this option to export the currently selected project list view to Excel.

Export to CSV

Choose this option to export the currently selected project list view to CSV.

Portfolio Column Settings

The project list section will include the option on "Customize your column visibility settings". Clicking on this option will open to a separate window with the options to choose the columns for the list.

The column list in this section is categorized into the following:

  1. General
    • Name
    • Business Owner
    • Template Applied
    • Brief Description
    • Project ID
    • Sub project of
    • Customer
    • Project Manager
    • Program Manager
    • Initiative
    • Functional Area
    • Priority
    • Risk Rating
    • Project Charter
  2. Completion
    • Overall Completion
  3. Status
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Color Code
    • Overall Status
    • Financial Status
    • Schedule Status
    • Resource Status
  4. Financial
    • Default Currency
    • Type of Expense
    • Budgeted Total Cost
    • Budgeted Total Cost Currency
    • Current Estimated Total Cost
    • Current Estimated Cost Currency
    • Actual Cost to Date
    • Actual Cost to Date Currency
    • Estimate ROI
    • Cost Center

Select the columns from each of the above list to define them as they are required in the project list. Click on submit to apply these columns to the list.

[edit] Blog

The Blog tab in the two pane view of the Project portfolio page will display all blogs that are related to the project selected in the left pane. These blogs are sorted in the descending order of the dates, the latest of the blog taking priority over the others.

[edit] Wiki

Similar to the Blog, the wiki section also displays all wiki entries related to the Project selected in the left pane.

This tab on the wiki contains the menu options to perform the following tasks in the selected wiki page.

Back to Page Index

Choosing this option from the the available options in the wiki menu will list the page index of the wiki for the selected project. The list of the indexes are in the form of links which when selected will open to the respective wiki page.


Choosing Edit from the menu options will enable the user to edit the contents in the selected wiki page.


[edit] Detail

Choosing the Detail tab in the right pane of the project list will display details of the selected project in the project list. The details information in this tab here will include information on the Project Properties that were entered at the time of creating or editing a project.

[edit] To Create a New Project

  1. Go to the PROJECTS tab
  2. Click on [New Project] in the left column
  3. Fill in or select the parameters for the project
  4. Click [Next] on the lower right corner of the page
  5. Verify the project details and click [Finish]

A new project has been created and appears in the PROJECT LISTING page.

[edit] To Edit a Project

  1. Go to the PROJECTS tab
  2. Click on the name of the Project
  3. Click Edit Project in the Toolbox
  4. Edit the project details then click [Submit]

The project details have now been edited.

[edit] To Delete a Project

  1. Go to the PROJECTS tab
  2. Click the radial button for the project you want to delete
  3. Click on [Delete Project] in Toolbox
  4. In the pop-up window, select "Disable the Project" and click [Finish]

The project has been disabled.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a blog for any selection in the project list.
  • New Project - Selecting this option allows the user to open the Create Project Workspace page to create a new project.
  • Edit Project - Selecting this allows the user to make the required modifications to an existing project.
  • Delete Project - Selecting this allows the user to delete a selected Project.
  • Notify - Choosing this option in the Project list page will enable to send and receive notifications on the modifications or deletion of a project.
  • Personalize Page - Select this option to open the Channel Manager page to define the personalized options for the portfolio list page.

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