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[edit] Where in Project.net

Personal > Blog > My Profile

[edit] Profile Overview

[edit] Setup Personal Profile

Choosing Personal Setup in the application opens to various options to define and dictate the personal settings of the user throughout the use of the application.

Personal Profile
Personal Profile

Primarily all required fields under the Personal Profile information are saved during the time of Registration. Changes to these fields and further additions to the same are only possible in this module on Personal Setup.

The Personal Setup module will include details on the addition and changes in the Personal Profile information, changes to the forms, interface settings and the notifications that pertain to the user, Licensing setup, Trashcan and the calendar on working and non-working time of the user.

[edit] View Personal Profile

The PERSONAL PROFILE Page displays the personal details of the user. Details here are classified into Contact Info, Team Info and the Last Blog entry. Personal Picture of the user can also be uploaded to the Profile by choosing the option on Upload Picture.

[edit] Contact Info

Contact Info details in the Personal Profile will include details on the Email ID of the user, Skype ID, Office Phone, Fax, Address, Timezone, Country and Last Login. These details are displayed from the gathered information at the time of Registration. It is possible to edit this information by clicking on the Edit Profile option available in this page.

[edit] To upload a photo to the Profile

  1. In the BLOG Page, click on the My Profile option under Toolbox.
  2. This opens to the PERSONAL PROFILE Page.
  3. Here, click on the Upload Picture option that is available under the Toolbox options.
  4. Choose the Browse button to browse for the image and click on Upload.
  5. The image is added to the profile. This image is displayed in the PERSONAL PROFILE page and along the different blog entries posted by the profile user.

[edit] Team Info

Details on Team Info include the Project name and the Project description for the projects the user is a member of.

[edit] Last Blog Entry

The last posted blog of the user is displayed in this part of the page.

[edit] Skype Status of Project participant

The skype icon against the name of the person in the Profile will be displayed along with the skype status. This option enables to communicate with the other team members who are online.

[edit] Edit Profile Info

It is possible to edit the Profile information that is added to the Personal Profile page. For this;

  1. Choose the profile menu option in the PERSONAL dashboard.
  2. Select Edit Profile from the list of options under the Toolbox.
  3. The profile details of the member with the sections on Name, Address, Login, License and domain Migration is now open.
  4. Make the required modifications to and click on Submit to save the changes.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the user to create a personal blog entry.
  • Edit Profile - Select this option to edit or modify details on the Profile.
  • Upload Picture - Choose this option to upload an image to the Profile details.

[edit] Profile Menu

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