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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business/Projects > Setup > Business Templates

[edit] Business/Project Templates


The [Save as Templates] option under the Business/Projects Setup section is categorized in to Business and Project Templates. Choosing the Save as Template option will open to the SAVE AS TEMPLATES page with the options to create a new Template. This template is created based on the settings of the selected Business under which it is created.

Details in this page will include

Template Name

Provide a name for the Template that is now created.

Owning Business

This is a drop down field which will by default display the currently selected Business. However, any business from the list of already created businesses can be selected from the drop down list.

Visible To

Click on the All Users check box to make the template visible to all the users in the Business.


A brief note to describe the Template is provided in this field option.

Use Scenario

A narrative to detail the template.

Included Modules

The list of all modules that are available in the Business/Project Workspace is listed here. The user can select any or all of these modules that needs to be made available in the Template.

Once all the above information are provided, Click on [Submit] to save the Template. The template is now created and is available in the list under Manage Templates.

Find below a running demo on the usage of the "Save as Templates" option under Business Setup.

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