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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business/Project > Documents > Link Document

[edit] Edit Links

All objects in the application can be linked to other objects in the project using the [Edit] icon in the links channel wherever available.

[edit] Type of Objects that can be linked

The different objects that can be linked in the Project.net application are:

  • Documents
  • Deliverables
  • Posts
  • Tasks
  • Calendar Item
  • Form Data
  • Form List

This list on linkable objects can be viewed by Opening the task and selecting the Advanced sub-tab and then the Links icon.

[edit] To add a New link

1. In the links channel of the selected object, click on the [Edit] icon.

2. The links window is now open with the list of the links that have been already added to the object.

3. Click on the [Add New] Link icon to add a new link.

4. In the Add link window, select the object type to list objects based on the type selected. Use the options on Simple search, Advanced Search and Browse to search objects for link.

5. Click on the [find] <object> icon in the channel bar to find the object based on the search.

6. From the list of the items found, select the item that is to be linked and click on [Add Link].

The selected item is now linked to the object and is available under the channel on current links.

[edit] To unlink an object

1. From the list of linked objects in the current links channel, select an item that is to be unlinked.

2. Click on the [Unlink] icon in the channel bar.

The selected item is now unlinked from the linked object.

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