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[edit] Where in Project.net

Application Administrator > Domain Manager > Create Domain

[edit] Edit Domain

This page can be accessed by any of the following ways;

Edit Domain
Edit Domain

1. Choosing the New option from the toolbox in the USER DOMAIN LIST page.

2. Clicking on the [Domain Name] link in the USER DOMAIN LIST page.

3. Select a required domain in the list to be edited and clicking on the [Edit] option under Toolbox.

The EDIT DOMAIN page will include the tabs on

  • Edit Domain
  • Directory Provider Configuration

[edit] Edit Domain Tab

The Edit Domain Tab will include the details on the following;

  • Domain Name
  • Directory and Authentication Provider
  • Checkbox to intimate verification of email address after registration.
  • Checkbox to allow users to purchase licenses via credit card
  • Registration Instructions

For a new domain creation, provide the above required fields for domain creation and edit these fields for any changes or modifications to the already created domain. Click on [Submit] to save the entries.

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