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[edit] Where in Project.net

Personal/Business/Projects > Documents > Trashcan

[edit] Trashcan Overview

Documents Trashcan
Documents Trashcan

All deleted documents and folders from the Document Vault are temporarily stored in the Trashcan before they are permanently deleted.

These documents and folders can be restored or permanently deleted based on the requirements.

[edit] To Permanently Delete an Item

  1. Select the document or folder that needs to be permanently deleted from the list of documents available in the Trashcan.
  2. Click on the option on [Permanently Delete Item].
  3. In the confirmation popup on [Are you sure you want to delete this object?] select [YES] to permanently delete the selected option.

The selected document or folder is permanently deleted and cannot be restored into the document vault.

[edit] View Properties

To view the properties of a deleted document in the Trashcan,

  1. Select the document, the properties of which needs to be viewed.
  2. Select the [View Properties] option.

The properties of the document selected in the Trashcan is displayed with the Properties, Versions, Activity Log and Discuss tabs. This document can be permanently deleted from here using the [Remove] option or can be restored to the document vault by selected the option on [Restore Item].

[edit] Restore Item

  1. From the list of document in the trashcan, select the document that needs to be restored and click on the [Restore Item] option.
  2. In the confirmation popup on [Are you sure you want to undelete this object?], click on [YES].

The selected document is restored back to the document vault.

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