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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business/Project > Directory > Roles

[edit] Directory - Roles


The Roles tab in the Directory module displays the available roles for the Business/Project with the number of members in each role. All available columns in the Roles tab include,

1. Role Name

2. Number of Members

3. Description

4. Option to send mail to the selected Role.

The toolbox options in this Roles tab enables, creation of a new Role, editing a Role and deletion of a Role.

[edit] To create a New Role

New Role
New Role

1. Click on the [New Role] option under Toolbox.

2. In the New Role window that opens, select one of the option on,

  • Create a New role
  • Select an existing Role from the list of roles available.
  • Create a Role containing all users in the system.

3. Select and provide sub options and entry fields based on the selection and click [Next].

The new role is now created and displayed along with the list of the other roles for the Business/Project.

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