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[edit] Directory Notifications

Choosing the Notify option in the toolbox of a selected Business Directory, opens to the New Notification window. Details in this window will include information on the following:

Business Directory Notification
Business Directory Notification

Name of the Notification
Enter a name for the notification.

A short description for the Notification.

Actions to be notified about
This will include the options on notification which will include Participant Deleted, Participant Invited and Participant Edited.

Delivery Method
The method of delivery of the notification is selected from the options that is provided in the drop down.

Delivery Schedule
Options on how often these notifications are to be delivered are defined in this section. This is selected from the drop down options on Immediately, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

More Options
Choosing the More options in this window will list additional inputs that needs to be provided to activate the notification. This will include the details on the following:

Deliver To
From the list of the available participants in the selected Business, select the required participant or the list of participants to whom the notifications are to be delivered.

External Email Address
Enter the External Email Address of the person to whom the notification is to be delivered.

This section includes the message of the notification.

Click on Submit to send these notifications to the selected participants.

Click on Cancel to abort the notification process.

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