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[edit] Where in Project.net

Business > (Select a Business) > Dashboard

[edit] Business Dashboard

Choosing any Business in the Business List page opens to the BUSINESS DASHBOARD page.

The Business dashboard page is highlighted with the Business logo and a description of the business.

Other details include

Business Dashboard
Business Dashboard

1. Projects in the Business

2. Documents modified within last 7 days

3. Forms modified within last 10 days

4. Business News if any

5. Business Members

6. Business Meetings

The online status on skype and their logged in status into the business are available for view in the Business members list in the BUSINESS DASHBOARD page.

Other options available in this page are,

1. Sub-Businesses

2. News

3. Reports

[edit] Toolbox

  • Edit Business - Selecting this allows the user to modify details of a business already created.
  • Personalize Page - Selecting this opens to the Channel Manager page to design the contents to be displayed in the Business dashboard.

[edit] Business Dashboard Menu

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