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[edit] Where in Project.net

Application Administration > Utilities > Build Info

[edit] Build Info

Build Info
Build Info

Choosing the [Build Info] option in the Utilities menu will display details on the following in the BUILD INFO page:

  • New Application Version
  • Application Version
  • Database Version
  • Build Date
  • Link to enable/disable version check

[edit] New Application Version

This options allows the user to view the new application versions that are available. This is visible only if the option to enable version check has been turned on.

[edit] Application Version

The current Version of the application is displayed in this field.

[edit] Database Version

Database Version that is applicable to the current application is displayed for view here.

[edit] Build Date

The date which the installed version of Project.net was built is displayed in this field.

[edit] Link to enable/disable Version check

The [Enable Version Check] option enables Project.net to automatically check if there is a newer version of the application available. Similarly, the link on [Disable Version Check] can be selected to disable checking of newer versions. More information about this feature can be found here.

[edit] Toolbox

  • Blogit - Selecting this allows the admin user to create a personal blog entry on Build Info details.

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