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[edit] Where in Project.net

Application Administration > Workspaces

[edit] Manage Workspaces Overview

Manage Workspaces
Manage Workspaces

Choosing the [Workspace] option under the Manage menu in the APPLICATION ADMINISTRATORS page opens to the Workspaces page. All Businesses and Projects of the Project.net application grouped under Workspace and status can be displayed in this page.

[edit] Search Workspaces

The WORKSPACE page contains the links of all alphabets to search workspaces by clicking on the required letter. Search is performed on the workspace name for the letter selected in the list.

Another option is to provide a keyword in the keyword field of the Workspaces page. Clicking on the [Search] icon here performs the search function on Workspace names for the keyword provided.

[edit] Filter Workspaces

The Workspace list obtained can be filtered based on the filter criteria that is available in this page. They may be;


Workspaces are listed based on the selection in the Workspace Selection menu. Common options available in this are;

  • Businesses

Choosing Business in the selection list will list all Businesses, the Business type, the number of projects in the Business and number of people in the Business.

  • Projects

Choosing Projects in the selection list will list all projects, the businesses to which they belong, status and completion percentage of the project.


Workspaces can also be filtered based on the status of the licenses for the application. The common list of licenses here include;

  • Active
  • Disabled

[edit] Select Workspace

Select the required user in the list by clicking on the linked Project or business in the list based on the filter provided, the Business workspace or the Project workspace of the same are displayed.

Select a Business or project in the list and click on the [Disable] icon in the Channel bar. This will popup an alert to confirm disable of the Business or Project selected. Clicking on [OK] in the popup alert will disable the selected business or project.

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