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[edit] Where in Project.net

Application Administration > Licensing

[edit] Manage Licensing Overview

Choosing the Licensing option under Manage in the APPLICATION ADMINISTRATORS page will open to the VIEW LICENSES page. This page contains two different tabs that deal with Existing Licenses and Licensing Tasks respectively.

[edit] Manage Existing Licenses

Admin Licensing
Admin Licensing

The Manage Existing Licenses tab in the VIEW LICENSES page will include the details on the License Display filters based on which the Licenses are displayed.

[edit] Filter Licenses

The options on the License filters can be;

License Type

The License Type options include;

  • All
  • Trial
  • Non Trial

License Status

The License Status options include;

  • Enabled
  • All
  • Disabled
  • Cancelled

License Key Starts with

Providing the Start characters in the License Key will list the licenses that start with the provided character.

On providing the above filters and clicking on the [Filter] icon, the list of licenses based on the filter options provided are listed. Clicking on a particular license in the list will open to the LICENSE INFORMATION page of the selected license with the list of all the users under the selected license. List of these licenses can be exported to be stored for future use.

[edit] Licensing Tasks

Licensing Tasks
Licensing Tasks

The various options that are available under Licensing Tasks are;

While a few of the above options are explained in separate topics, the other options are discussed below;

[edit] Create New License Properties

Clicking on the link on "Create New License Properties" opens to a new page where the details for the creation of a new master license will have to be provided. This is the MASTER LICENSE PROPERTIES ENTRY page where the details on the cost, maintenance, trial licenses, invoice details etc are provided. Clicking on [Submit] in this page will generate an encrypted text that can be using for updating the license.

[edit] Create a New License

Choosing this option under Licensing Tasks will open to the ENTER LICENSE PARAMETERS page, where the details for the user license are to be provided. On entering the required particulars and clicking on [Submit], the encrypted text for the license to be created is generated. This is useful to install the user licenses for the application.

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