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[edit] Where in Project.net

Application Administrator > Manage > Forms

[edit] Manage Admin Forms

Manage Forms
Manage Forms

Choosing the [Forms] option under the Manage menu in the APPLICATION ADMINISTRATION page opens to the FORMS ADMINISTRATION page. All the forms that have been created are listed in this page.

[edit] Search Forms

The Search field in this page provides the option to search for a specific form by providing the form name or selecting a specific character from the list of alphabets in the search links. All Forms based on the search criteria provided is listed.

Clicking on any form in this list will move to the FORM DEFINITION page of the selected form.

[edit] Filter Forms

Forms in this list can be filtered based on the filter selected in the Workspace Type field. Filter options included here may be;

  • All
  • Project
  • Business
  • Personal
  • Methodology

Options to copy or delete a form in the list is possible by choosing the [Delete Form] option and the [Copy] option under Toolbox for any selected form in the list.

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