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[edit] Where in Project.net

Application Administrator > Manage > Domain

[edit] Manage Users

Manage Domain Users
Manage Domain Users

Choosing this tab on Manage Users in the DOMAIN PROPERTIES page opens to the USER LIST page that is based on the selection of the domains.

[edit] Search Users

The USER LIST page contains the links of all alphabets to search users by clicking on the required letter. Search is performed on the User first name and last name for the letter selected.

Another option is to provide a keyword in the keyword field of the Users list page. Clicking on the [Search] icon here performs the search function on User first name, last name and email including the alternate email address provided at the user profile.

[edit] Filter Users

The User list obtained can be filtered based on the filter criteria that is available in this page. They may be;

[edit] User Status

Users are listed based on the selection in the User Status Selection menu. Common options available in this are;

  • Active
  • Unregistered
  • Unconfirmed
  • Disabled

[edit] Domains

Users can also be filtered based on the domain to which they belong. All the list of domains already created are listed in this selection box on Domains. Select the domain based on which the users to the selected domain must be listed and click on the [Search] icon. List of users based on the selection of the domain is displayed.

Selecting a user from this list and clicking on [Edit] in the Toolbox will open to the Edit Domain page of the selected user.

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