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[edit] Where in Project.net

Application Administration > Edit Configuration

[edit] Edit Configuration

Edit Configuration Tokens
Edit Configuration Tokens

A configuration describes a set of "tokens" that allow a Project.Net server to appear and behave differently if a person has accessed the server with a special URL. For example, if you want your company's name to appear throughout the program and all URLs to go to a specific website, you would change the values of a few specific tokens.

Generally, a configuration is accessed using a special URL. However, the application can have more than one active configuration, each accessed via its own special URL. The special URL's are indicated in the configuration setup and any valid URL can be used.

[edit] Customizing text

Most of the static text within Project.net is contained in a token. You can easily alter the text to match your own wording by creating a custom configuration and changing the appropriate tokens. Project.net is fully localizable and supports multi-byte character sets.

[edit] Customizing images

You can replace most of the images used in Project.net through a combination of tokens and the use of a WebLogic or Tomcat Virtual Directory. Alternate or customized images are placed in a virtual directory and their tokens changed to refer to this directory. At runtime, Project.net will use the images in the virtual directory rather than its default image directory. Unless you plan to modify the JSP pages the replacement images must be the same size as the originals.

[edit] Altering page header

You can control the height and content of Project.net's page header.

[edit] Customizing fonts and text styles

Fonts and text styles can be set by overriding Project.net's Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), similar to substituting your own image. You can also modify any CSS file to incorporate dynamic values from an existing or new configuration token.

[edit] Altering basic page layout

Beyond this, to change the layout of a Project.net page you will need to alter the Java Server Page (JSP) for that page. The pages are not extremely complicated and the tag library used is well-documented, but you will have to unpack the Project.net deployment EAR (Enterprise Archive), alter the existing JSP file, repacking and re-deploying the modified EAR.

You can also modify any CSS file to incorporate dynamic values from an existing or new configuration token.

[edit] Creating a custom login screen

If the standard configuration tokens do not provide enough control over the login page, it is straightforward to replace it with one of your own design.

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