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[edit] Where in Project.net

Application Administrator > Billing > View Ledgers

[edit] Manage Billing Ledgers

Choosing the [Billing] option under Manage in the APPLICATION ADMINISTRATION page opens to the VIEW LEDGER page. The billing ledger contents here are classified into two tabs;

  • View Ledger
  • Invoicing Tasks

[edit] View Ledger

View Ledgers
View Ledgers

The View Ledger tab of the VIEW LEDGER page helps to list all the ledgers based on the filter options provided. It also enables the ledger entry search option to search for specific ledgers that have been created.

[edit] Ledger Display Filters

Display of the ledgers based on the filters can be on any of the following options;

[edit] Entry status

Options under Entry status to be provided to obtain the filter list are;

1. All

2. Invoiced

3. Not Invoiced

[edit] Entry Category

Ledgers can also be filtered based on the entry category to which they belong. These categories for entry are provided at the time of entry of a ledger.

[edit] Entry Group

Similar to the entry Category, ledgers can also be filtered based on the Entry group in the drop down field on Entry Group. These groups are again created at the time of Ledger entry.

Choose the above filters from the respective drop down and click on the [Filter] icon to displayed the filtered ledger list.

[edit] Ledger Entry Search

Another option available in the View Ledgers tab is the Ledger Entry Search. Ledger entries are listed based on the search options provided in the following fields;

  • Pay Info
  • First/Last Name
  • License Key

Provide the required entry fields and click on [Search] to obtain the list of ledgers based on the Search.

[edit] Invoicing Tasks

The second tab on Invoicing Tasks provides the following options

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